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Ever since the 1980s, there has been a steady increase in the global market for stationary. More and more enterprises are opting to use custom stationary with their personal business letterhead for both day-to-day correspondence and marketing. The main reasons that stationary has seen an increase is due in part to business expansions, trends in mass customization, and changes in consumer behavior. But these are not the only reasons why businesses are investing in custom stationary. Here are four reasons why businesses of various sizes are opting to use custom stationary.

  • Spread your Brand

Stationary has many uses, including anything from sending official company correspondence, jotting down a quick note, or adding a touch of class to handwritten statements. Custom stationary makes it easier than ever to increase your brand presence. Every time a memo, or correspondence gets sent out, your brand goes with it. Conveniently include your contact information, and you’ll make it easy for customers, clients, suppliers, and others to get a hold of your organization.

  • Look Organized

You’ve probably heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”, the same applies to your stationary. When you have a standard set of customized letterhead on all of your official correspondence, envelopes, and notepads, you can send a message before you actually send your message. Professional stationary that is the same all across the board, gives the impression that you mean serious business. Standard stationary implies that a business runs a tight ship, even if it is not necessarily true. When considering designing custom stationary, the design should be organized and fit with your branding.

  • Add Power to Your Words

Email is great for most daily or casual correspondence, but in some situations custom stationary is the only way to go. Anything of importance should be sent on custom stationary, complete with your business letterhead. It is the only way to emphasize the gravity of legal statements, congratulations and acceptance letters, condolences, and thank you notes. Using stationary puts the weight of your organization behind your words and adds a sense of permanence to your message.

  • Stationary Lasts Forever

Letters and correspondence that is written on custom stationary have a way of staying with us forever. It is hard to throw away a handwritten thank you note, or an acceptance letter on professional stationary. There is no reason to keep these things around other than the sentimental or aesthetic value that they possess.

If you are looking to have custom stationary with your business letterhead printed, contact Ink Spots Printing & Media Design today! Don’t wait any longer. Start using company stationary for all of your official correspondence.