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Post cards are great marketing materials that can help you to stand out from the competition. This is especially true for small business owners who are struggling to come up with new and innovative ways to increase exposure to your business, while staying within your marketing budget. There are a variety of ways that postcards can be customized and used to help promote and market your business. Here are 12 ways to use custom post cards when marketing your business.

  1. Coupon Cards
    A variety of different business, including retail stores, restaurants, and service business, can benefit from implementing coupon cards to promote repeat business. These can be used to promote a free product after a specified number of purchases, or a certain discount when the card is presented during a specified time period.

  2. Reminder Cards
    Ideal for medical or dental offices, a post card is big enough to catch someone’s attention, while serving as a reminder for an upcoming appointment. You can include all the necessary information that your patients will need to know before arriving for their appointment.

  3. Announcements
    Whether you are having a grand opening, a grand reopening, a big sale, or more! Getting word out quickly to a large audience is important. A post card allows you to advertise to everyone within your targeted area, providing all the necessary information for the upcoming celebration.  Be sure to go with bold graphics and an eye-catching text design to attract the maximum attention.

  4. Clearance Cards
    Nothing attracts more customers than a big sale! Spread the word about an upcoming sale that you are having by sending out a postcard that contains all of the information that your consumers will need to know about your sale.

  5. New Customer Discount Cards
    A creative way to combine postcards and coupons is to come up with a creative way to promote a discount for new customers. This is a great way to invite new customers to come and checkout your business, and hopefully pick up some repeat business for the future.

  6. Soft Selling
    In today’s world, imagery is key. If your product or services lends itself to an aesthetically pleasing photo, you can subtly draw customers in just with your choice of images.

  7. Freebies
    Another great way to entice customers to come and check out your business is to offer a free product or service. When you decide to offer this type of promotion, be prepared for a massive influx of customers, as a lot of people will be willing to try your business in return for the promised free product or service. Customers who have a good experience are sure to return and tell their friends.

  8. General Information
    Post cards are the perfect size to make a miniature flyer that can easily communicate all of the important information about your business. Happy customers can share your business by passing your post card on to friends, neighbors, and family members.

  9. Birthday Discounts
    If you are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, a personalize birthday discount post card can easily be sent to customers. This will reinforce customer loyalty and set you apart from the competition. Don’t forget to include a coupon as a special way to say, “Happy Birthday”.

  10. Referral Programs
    Referrals are a great way to drum up new business. Make it easy on your customers by having postcards that make it easy for them to tell their friends about your business and grow your customer base substantially with little effort on your part.

  11. First-Time Buyer Discount
    This is especially important when you are opening a new business. Sometimes customers need an incentive to visit a new store. A postcard announcing your grand opening, coupled with a discount coupon, should do the trick and entice customers to come and check out your new store.

  12. BOGO
    Customers always love a good deal. When you advertise a two-for-one deal you’ll have customers who come in just for the promotion and end up purchasing more!

As you can see there are endless possibilities for what you can do with custom post cards to market and advertise your business. Once you have determined how you want to implement post cards into your marketing strategy, Ink Spots Printing & Media Design can help to print your post cards. Contact us today to get a free, no obligation quote and start sending your customers a fantastic post card to increase business!