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Canvas prints bring out the beauty of a portrait, landscape, or image with striking clarity. However, there are certain factors to consider when making a purchase.

The Difference in Canvas

If you have ever owned a canvas painting, the difference of paper versus canvas is obvious. Canvas is made of fabric, like cotton, hemp, linen or polyester. Instead of the image remaining atop a paper surface, the ink bleeds into the canvas material. This presents more of a professional gallery look that adds depth and beauty to the work. Although polyester is not as accepting to the ink, it is advertised as canvas material. The quality of polyester is not as profound as other fabrics. Hemp is the best overall fabric for longevity. However, it is a natural fiber that has a creamy white tint. If a specific canvas color is desired, choose cotton or linen for the finest results.

Best Types of Ink for Canvas Prints

There is a difference in ink that should always be inquired about. Ask if there is a fade-resistant guarantee. The difference in price could be due to an inferior ink being used. No one wants a gorgeous canvas print to lose its color after a few short years. Also check out the company’s credentials, such as whether certified materials are being used. Always select a reputable printing company for your custom canvas prints.

Image Wrap Versus Solid Side Color

An image wrap, or canvas wrap, incorporates the picture with the sides. This type of wrap gives the impression of a scene traveling outside of its boundaries for added beauty. An image-wrapped photo can create a fulfilling burst of energy on a wall. However, if you have a modern or contemporary style home, straight and rigid lines are a huge part of your decor. Having solid black edges keeps your lines flowing seamlessly. The final decision is up to you. Another thought to bear in mind is the way a picture appears in a wrap. If it is a portrait, make sure that it can be centered properly without cutting off crucial areas, like hands and feet. If space is limited, a larger frame with a stunning border may be a better option.

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