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Calendars are cost-effective and functional marketing tools that are helpful in promoting your business, brand or organization. Calendars are a great way to ensure that your business and brand stay front and center with your customers and clients throughout the year.
We offer many different options to choose from when selecting the perfect calendar to meet your needs. Choose from a wall, pocket, or desk calendar. Incorporate photos, brand messaging, and graphics to make it truly unique. If you’d prefer, take advantage of one of our fully customizable templates and create your own branded calendar.
Other options include choosing the custom size that you are envisioning for your calendar, along with any images, coupons, and logos that you want to incorporate. In addition, calendars can be printed on various paper options and colors—full color, spot color, or black and white.
Custom calendars are perfect for trade shows, year-end giveaways for your customers, gifts, or for mail-outs accompanying a seasonal greeting card.

  • Calendar shapes and styles include:
  • Poster Calendars
  • Desk Calendars
  • Spiral Bound Calendars
  • Wall Calendars
  • Self-Adhering Calendars
  • Yearly Calendars

Print a calendar with Ink Spots Printing & Media Design to continually promote your business throughout the year. Include your branded logo and remind customers of special events, yearly sales, or celebrations by including them in your calendar on the corresponding dates.
Design your own custom calendar, or use one of our templates, and we will professionally print it for you!

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