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The top three most popular items to be printed professionally include: business cards, flyers, and brochures. While some people might classify brochures and flyers as the same thing, there are actually some differences, in format and intention, that distinguish printed flyers from brochures. So, what are the difference between the two?


Flyers are generally a one-sided piece of 8 ½ X 11 piece of paper that is intended to draw attention to an upcoming event, service offered, or a product/idea. The message is usually very simple, and is something that can be quickly conveyed to its audience. While most flyers are printed on a standard sized piece of paper, to keep cost low, they can be printed on just about any size that is easy to handle, and can fit all of the required information. While typically most flyers are printed on a single side of the paper, if needed, both sides can be used to convey the message.

Flyers are sometimes referred to by different names, depending on their intended purpose, i.e., handbills, leaflets, inserts, or circulars. Most often, flyers are distributed by individuals who are passing them out by hand to people or customers who pass by (think trade shows). Another popular way for flyers to be distributed is as a self-mailing piece, known as a “mailer”. Flyers can be printed in a full range of colors, or traditional black and white, but full color is most popular, as the intended purpose of the flyer is to be noticed.

Generally, because a flyer has a short, one-time use lifespan, heavy weight paper is not used. But, if information aside from announcing a grand opening or one-time sale is going to be displayed on the flyer, heavy weight paper should be used.


Unlike that of a flyer, brochures are generally printed on both sides, and contain folds that create multiple panels of information. Brochures can either be a single piece of folded paper, or can contain multiple pieces of paper, and are usually referred to as a pamphlet.

Brochures are not restricted to a traditional 8 ½ X 11 piece of paper, instead brochures come in a variety of both standard and custom sizes to accommodate your needs. Generally, the paper used to make brochures is of a heavier weight than a flyer. This is a strategic decision to convey the appearance of quality. Additionally, brochures are intended to be used and referred to time and time again, therefore they need to be more durable than a flyer.

Due to the increased expenditure required to create and produce a brochure, they are not as freely distributed as flyers are. Generally, only after a costumer has showed interest in the product will a brochure be handed out, most often by a salesman. Because brochures are used to showcase a product, highlight a service offered, or promote a company, it is imperative that a brochure be made of top quality products.

While both printed flyers and brochures have different physical characteristics and purposes, they are both great marketing tools. If you ever find yourself in need of quality brochures and flyers printed to promote your business, an upcoming event, or a service, contact Ink Spots Printing & Media Design today! Get quality printing done at an affordable price, every project, every time!